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Hailey was introduced into STEM at a young age and it has impacted her substantially; without STEM, she wouldn’t be the creative individual she is today. Her curiosity has motivated her to figure out how things function, how their inner mechanisms make them do what they do. Her love for technology has granted her the ability to show who she truly is. It allowed her to meet other people who share the same or similar interests as she does. When she moved from Queens to Carmel, her exposure to technology and curiosity grew through robotics club in 8th grade. Since then, she has been a part of robotics and is still a member today with support and influence from her parents, coaches, teachers, and mentors. She has been a member of Carmel High School's FIRST Robotics Teams: FTC and FRC. In September 2017, Carmel High School Team 5943 showcased their robot at the World Makerfaire located in the New York Hall of Science. There, she was able to share her passion for robotics and technology and truly express how it motivated her. She will have another opportunity to do this when the team makes an appearance once again at this year's Makerfaire in September 2018. During the summer of 2018, she entered in the Bi-Annual F4 CADathon, placing 53rd out of 76th. She has taught herself Java, Python, and is now in the process of teaching herself Kotlin. Her skills have allowed her to create personal bots on a social media application called 'Discord' that uses The Blue Alliance API’s to pull data into whichever robotics server she needs. As well as working on bots for her own use, she has been creating an application for her robotics team to use when collecting data about other teams. In the process of doing all of this, she has made it her personal mission to influence more girls into the STEM field. In response to the National Guard’s high demand for people in Cyber Security, after her senior year of high school, she plans on attending New England Institute of Technology to get her degree in this field.