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Much of Anusha's work in computer science has been shaped by her yearly research projects. As a freshman in high school, she used Arduino and Python to prototype a closed-loop glucose monitoring system to deliver insulin automatically to diabetes patients. After she discovered machine learning during sophomore year, she created a program to automate the detection of lung cancer with the diagnostic accuracy of doctors. During junior year, she created an image-based electronic interpreter that uses machine learning to translate the signed American Sign Language (ASL) alphabet into English, and is currently extending this work to encompass ASL words and sentences through a combination of computer vision and natural language processing. This project is something she loves to work on, and she hopes to continue to expand it while in college. To share her passion for computer science, she has taught workshops for Girls Who Code focusing on advanced Python. She also became Outreach Coordinator for my school's Women in Computer Science Club, inviting inspiring speakers and organizing activities to encourage girls’ interest in computer science. She also co-founded the HAX Club at Morrill Middle School, introducing students from under-resourced schools to computer science and robotics. These positions allowed her to spread my love for computer science to other students, a passion she hopes can inspire others to follow her into similar fields. Her current goal for her future work is to use artificial intelligence for social good. By studying AI and its applications to different aspects of our society, she hopes to be able to use her knowledge to solve problems in the world around her.