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Magali has displayed leadership and commitment to the ideals in all that she does, for example in robotics, First Tech Challenge, she has spoken to our school board, at local civic organizations like Lions Club, about the importance of First and all that it can offer besides trophies and trips. She puts in the time commitment beyond the classroom to ensure she is on task, and to ensure team members stay on task. I have heard her speak to underclassmen, 7th graders, about her journey with robotics these past two years, both locally and Regionally. Her interest in and passion for a long term commitment to First and its ideals were set when she attended a Computing Conference at a local regional University WTAMU, and full heartedly committed that day to the continuation to Technology Education, Career, First and Engineering. After that she attended a Computer Science Camp at the University of Texas, Austin, called First Bytes. Additionally she has been a nominee for the Dean's award for First Tech Challenge Robotics. Lastly she attended a Computer Science coding competition at Lock Heed Martin in Fort Worth Texas. She is committed and has filled in as needed when needed with a positive attitude and strong work ethic. Her overall individual contribution to her team supporting team she has been the lead journalist for FTC # 12398, and ensured that team members are on task. She also because of the outcome of her team note book was given a judge's award at the Panhandle championship and the Panhandle Regional championship meet in 2017. In 2017 she developed a team website and collaborated with the Rookie team to ensure success for both teams. Magali’s entrepreneurship and creativity, are passionate with little journalism knowledge, she has created relationships with veteran team journalist in our region to ensure her notebook was creative in her rookie year. This year as a veteran, she upped her game by producing an electronic form of the notebook in google slides. She uses her creativity in her pages and in her stories. English is her second language. In regards to entrepreneurship she has openly volunteered in our local fundraiser such as concession stands, halloween festival and team food fundraisers. Magali is a fore-mother of our robotics program. This year 2017-2018 we have two classroom sections of robotics at the high school level. Her ability to motivate and lead fellow team members, Magali is no stranger to firm discipline among team members. Her small size is a force to be reckoned with. Because of her passion for success in others and in First she will communicate to team members if they are off task and remind them that Gracious Professionalism is always first, and that we have goals in our business plan that she helped to create. She ensures that our team members stay motivated by communicating positively to them about what our goals are.