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Ishana is a tenacious STEM-enthusiast with extensive engineering and computer science experience interested in pursuing a bioinformatics-related career in the future. A senior in the Science, Math, and Computer Science magnet program at Poolesville High School, Ishana has laid a foundation for her rigorous future by participating in several extracurricular activities. Not only is she the captain of her school's FIRST Robotics Competition Team 4099, but she has also conducted research with the George Washington University and the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the past two years. Ishana was named a Regeneron Science Talent Search Scholar and ISEF Finalist for her research at GWU, where she independently developed a machine learning network that instantaneously detects tumors better than radiologists themselves. At NIST, she was requested to lead a group of student interns in building and programming a radiation-detecting robot to be deployed in the hallways. She is also a fierce advocate for increased federal funding for STEM programs in underserved areas. She frequently visits her local legislators and Congressmen and has given several verbal testimonies at House bill hearings to push for better allocation of money. As a sophomore, Ishana started Girls in Engineering, a class at her local library to give elementary and middle school girls a chance to learn engineering fundamentals in a welcoming community. In her junior year, Ishana also led a three-person team in building an assistive truffle-making device for employees at a local bakery, for which she earned the title of National Semifinalist in the SourceAmerica Design Challenge. As she continues to compete in various cyberforensics and computing competitions (ACSL, USACO, CSAW, CyberSkyline, etc.) and foster her love her engineering, Ishana will broaden her horizons as she prepares to step into the real world. She hopes to continue conducting advanced research in college and beyond, and desires to create intelligent systems to reduce medical imprecision. Ishana is extremely grateful to have been named a National Honorable Mention and Maryland Affiliate Winner and will use these awards and the NCWIT community to catapult her into her future as an innovator and biomedical engineer.