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Leeta is a senior at Cherry Creek High School. Her interests vary from competitive Irish Dance, to jurisprudence, to piano, to many different STEM activities. At school, her favorite subjects have been Physics and Computer Science. During the summer of her Junior year of high school, Leeta attended the International Summer School for Young Physicists where she, along with 39 other highly motivated and excited teens, learned about quantum mechanics, special and general relativity, and the origins of the universe. Leeta relished presentations by esteemed researchers and went on one-of-a-kind tours such as descending 1 mile into a neutrino observatory. She was particularly impressed by an introduction to quantum computers and by their huge potential. AP Computer Science, Data Structures and Algorithms, and iOS Programming were some of Leeta’s favorite subjects in high school. In the same venue, Leeta studied linear algebra, discrete math, and graph theory, participated in and taught the Cybersecurity Club, and led teams in Lockheed Martin Code Quest competitions. With so many breakthroughs now happening at the intersection of several disciplines, Leeta would find it most interesting to tie her studies in materials and physics with computer science to develop new embodiments for quantum computing and novel quantum algorithms. For her, the promise of quantum algorithms in NP-hard problems for data analytics and artificial intelligence is huge and most exciting.