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Aiyana Noelle

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Aiyana Noelle has been in the STEM field since she was in fourth grade. She became captain of her FLL robotics team in 6th grade. In 8th grade, Aiyana joined her school's Girls Who Code club and is still an avid member to this day. In high school, Aiyana Noelle joined her school's VEX and FRC robotics team. Currently, she is the build team captain for the FRC team. In addition to her being a member of her school's robotics team, she is a member of the CyberPatriot club and is captain of her team, the CyberBeans. Throughout Aiyana Noelle's involvement in the STEM field, she continually pushes herself forward to learn new skills which will be assets for her various clubs. Aiyana Noelle is able to program using RobotC, Python, Javascript, and HTML/CSS. Aiyana Noelle is also able to design robots and is knowledgeable in CAD, routing structures, and cyber security. With her knowledge that she accumulated over the years, Aiyana has competed in and attended multiple competitions, like VEX Competitions, FRC Competitions, and AT&T Hackathons. Additionally, Aiyana Noelle has built several websites for various projects. In the future, Aiyana Noelle hopes to pursue a career in STEM. Aiyana Noelle aspires to attend college and get a master's degree. She also hopes to become a computer engineer and she wants to positively impact the various communities she is a part of, especially to the people in the Philippines because that is where she came from. For now, in the foreseeable future, Aiyana hopes to push herself and widen her knowledge while creating a positive impact in her community.