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I have always been attracted to the creativity and innovation that comes with science while still being connected to laws and order through mathematical principles. My love of science has connected to my interest in computing and engineering. In middle school I signed up for a computer programming class, just to try it. I had no experience with programming before then. Although I was the youngest person in my class and the only girl, I loved it! The class taught skills that I believe can be applied to any subject. Since then, computer science has been a major part of my life. I am on the robotics team at my school which has helped me to link physical technology to what I know about software. This year I am taking AP Computer Science, which has helped me to explore new projects and applications for my knowledge. I have attended conferences like SheTech to explore the many applications of technology in our world. I am very passionate about girls in STEM. I started the first Girls Who Code club at any high school in Utah. I am also a member of The Junior Academy at The New York Academy of Science, where I lead a team of students my age from all over the world. We have worked on building a sensor to detect water contamination in urban areas. We plan on using this sensor to collect data that can then be used to predict outbreaks of disease and other serious health problems. Ever since I was about eight years old I have wanted to be an astrophysicist, but since I learned to code that dream has evolved. Computer science showed me so many more paths that can be applied to any scientific field. I love physics and mathematics and now I can apply my skills in computer science to my passions. If I pursue physics and engineering I can use my computer science skills to build tools that can make research more accurate and efficient. Most importantly, I want to use my skills to contribute to scientific exploration and the advancement of humanity.