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Khyla had a fascination for technology since she was in elementary. Since then she has completed many courses such as CompTIA a+, CCNA ITN (introduction to networking), CCNA RSE (routing and switching essentials) and currently working on completing CCNA CN (Connecting Network). Technology has been a huge impact on Khyla daily lifestyle. She constantly goes to convention and events that expose her to her interest. She has been apart Cyber-patriot, Miami loft coder summit where they talk about cyber security and provide information to have you more exposed, and Cisco girl power tech, which she has been a part of for two years to network and gain resources from women and youth with the same envision. In summer of 2017, she spent a month in a half at new horizon CompTIA a+ scholarship program. To add on the summer of 2018 I was granted an opportunity to intern add two Miami-Dade public schools.Configure over 500 computer,laptops,and tablets. Through out the intern was able to have a hands on experience of the information technology industry. In addition, Khyla wants to start her own non-profit organization called Y.T.T(Youth Tomorrow Today) where she promotes technology in minority communities. Also, this young lady continually works on home projects. She has made apps by swifts, built raspberry pi, develop websites, built a computer, and now working on making a magic mirror. To improve and continue her endeavor in technology, when she graduates from high school she plans on going to college and obtains certificates. Khyla future ahead of her will be very exciting and adventurous.