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Anya Mulligan is a well rounded student with a special interest in technology. Anya puts as much effort into her humanities courses as she does her math, science, and technology courses. In addition, Anya is a guitar player and competitive athlete. Anya's apptitude for working under pressure gave her the ability to be a leader in each of the 3 years that she participated in the FLL Robotics' competitions. Anya's team placed well in all of three competitions. In addition, Anya took a two-week, full time summer course in sound design with DigiPen which combined her love of music and technology. The small clip of sound design for the animation video submitted with this application was the culmination of these two weeks' of work along with some other pieces. Anya worked hard in this class and learned the extensive layers of information and complex skills required to produce seemingly simple sounds. Anya intends to seek out colleges that support women in engineering and create an environment that makes coding and technology attractive to women. She hopes to not only get a Bachelor's degree, but to also pursue graduate work. Anya wants to work in an area that contributes to solving world problems such as creating better air quality and cleaner drinking water.