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Sage is a self-taught programmer and senior at Mira Costa High School. She has taken a total of 9 AP courses, such as AP Computer Science A, AP Computer Science Principles, AP Chemistry, AP Statistics, AP Calculus and more, receiving all 5’s for the AP tests she took thus far. She will take 4 more AP exams next spring. She has a GPA of 4.28 from her high school. She is part of the National Honors Society and a multitude of other organizations at her school. Outside of her outstanding academic achievement, Computer Science is truly her passion as it allows her to express her creative side through problem-solving. In the 7th grade, Sage began to teach herself Computer Science through online resources. Since then Sage has taught herself Java, C++, Objective C, Python, HTML, CSS, Unity, Unreal Engine 4, and PHP. Five years since she was that 7th grader with just the internet on her fingertips, she found herself, the only 16-year old in the room, walking in front of an audience of engineers at Northrop Grumman, a leading defense and space company. She had landed a paid Software Engineering Summer Internship at Northrop Grumman. All summer she worked on a team of real Northrop Grumman employees on an application that saves American lives. She is the youngest person ever to work on the software she was assigned too which so far has been in update/development for 25 years. She worked on an algorithm to assist US pilots in deciding which route is optimal to avoid enemies in the sky. She had to analyzed research papers and generate test data on optimization algorithms to make decisions on algorithm implementation, as well as step into dynamic programming. Amazed by her ability to do work deemed as “new hire” material, she was given an offer to come back to Northrop Grumman as a college intern for Summer 2020. Contributing to software that will save American lives, not only developed her skills further but opened her eyes to how important computer science is in our everyday world. Sage, inspired both her passion and the importance of Computer Science, founded the Computer Science Club at her school, where she gives weekly presentations on upcoming technological topics that will affect our world significantly, such as machine learning, quantum computing, biotechnology, and more. As president, through this club, Sage has raised money to update F.D. Roosevelt Elementary School’s Computer Lab, a low-income school, so they can more easily pull Computer Science into their curriculum. Her goal in doing this is to give children in lower-income areas the opportunity to learn to code. To further her goal in spreading Computer Science education, Sage founded CoderDojo Lawndale to give low-income children a free and safe environment to learn computer programming in various programming languages such as Scratch. Her non-profit program pulls students from her high school’s computer science classes to volunteer as mentors for the children. These efforts inspired the Technology and Engineering Department at my school to implement WE service into the AP Computer Science curriculum so students could gain recognition by doing community service. On the side, she has also worked a part-time job since she was 15. She works as a technical assistant for LARobotics Treasurer, LeRoy Nelson, and UCLA Professor, Anita Nelson. In this position, Sage maintains and updates a Google Sheets database that holds information on 300+ LAUSD robotics teams and 132 LAUSD schools, regularly updates the LA Robotics Nelson Team Grants Website, makes medical copies, composes emails to professors and LAUSD school staff, and helps manage Nelson Team Grants financial records and reports.