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My greatest accomplishment would be starting my own camp. After receiving an award from the National Center for Women and Information Technology, I had the opportunity to apply for a grant that would give me $3000 to start my own camp to educate young girls about careers in information technology and engineering. Fortunately, I received the grant and I was able to start my own program called "Girls Helping Girls". The experience developed my leadership skills as I was in charge of coordinating and executing the program successfully. By starting my own camp, I could make certain that young girls in my community were enlightened to living up to their potential. My high school offers a variety of options to explore careers. I was able to take 3 years worth of engineering classes which fueled my desire to enter the field. Because I was offered great opportunities in high school, it became of great importance to me to give back to my community and see that they were offered the same. These young women had the right to be told they could follow their dreams. If no one else told them, I wanted to be the one to do it. I do plan on furthering my education by going to college. Of all the engineering programs available, I have a particular interest in biomedical engineering. The idea of combining engineering principles with medicine is fascinating to me. I want to make prosthetics, improve medical devices, and explore gene therapy. I’m very eager to learn about the future of medicine and I want to contribute to it as well. I had the pleasure of meeting a woman who had a prosthetic arm. She spoke of her experience growing up without her arm and how that affected her self confidence. Not only that but she shared the different kinds of prosthetics she had over the years. The improvement of the arm correlated with the improvement in her self confidence. This has inspired me to try to pursue a way to create inexpensive prosthetics that are as sophisticated as the costly ones.