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Naomi is a senior in Albuquerque, New Mexico where she has a strong academic performance and is currently ranked in the top of her class. Her favorite classes have been AP Biology, Culinary Arts, and Algebra II. She is captain of her schools track and field team and is President of the Black Student Union and National Honor Society. Through computing, Naomi has discovered a place to study her interest in diseases as a high school student without easy access to samples of deadly pathogens. Naomi serves as president of her local National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Jr. Chapter, through which she has received several regional and national math awards over the last three years. She also serves on the NSBE Jr. Executive Board as Treasurer, and is on the National Pre-College Initiative Committee where she helps develop NSBE Jr. Members and their lifelong engineering skills. She and her partner are award-winning participants in the New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge hosted by Los Alamos National Laboratories, where they built computational models that explore the spread of malaria using genetically modified mosquitos. Working at in the Biological Computational Lab at the University of New Mexico, Naomi was able to design a computer simulation to express the effect of education on the spread of tuberculosis. She was also accepted to attend the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Disease Detective Camp with participants from around the world. Naomi is also actively involved in Girl Scouts, her church toddler ministry, and several honor societies. For fun, she enjoys solving puzzles, attending Comic Con, watching Black Mirror with her siblings, and reading dystopian future books in preparation for the zombie apocalypse. Naomi is excited to study computational epidemiology, to help eradicate viruses.