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Monica is a sophomore at Stanton College Preparatory High School in Jacksonville, Florida. She takes a computer class at her school, where she learned the BASIC programming language and is currently learning JCreator. Monica’s interest in technology began as a kid when she joined a robotics club outside of school. In the club, she currently leads the team in programming the robot using Java. In the robotics club, she also mentors elementary kids and hopes to encourage computer science among them and teach them new programming skills. She also takes part in other school clubs like the Medical Society, Mu Alpha Theta, and much more. Through the programming class at her high school as well as the robotics club, she has learned that she would like to include computer science and technology in her career. She is interested in pursuing a career in biomedical engineering. Monica will be mentoring a few robotics teams and will be volunteering at the Mayo Clinic hospital this summer.