Collegiate Award

The NCWIT Collegiate Award, sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Qualcomm, honors the outstanding technical accomplishments of college women of any year of study across. Conferred annually, the NCWIT Collegiate Award recognizes technical contributions to projects that demonstrate a high level of creativity and potential impact. Open to female collegiate students pursuing a degree in computer science or a related degree program at an NCWIT Academic Alliance (AA) member institution.

The Collegiate Award is selected at the national level and has two application rounds. The first is the Preliminary Round and the second is the Final Round. There are three award distinctions: Finalist, Honorable Mention, and Winner. All applicants that make it to the Final Round are distinguished as Collegiate Award Finalists and notified by the Aspirations in Computing Team. A Collegiate Award Finalist receives the following prize: a Collegiate Award Certificate, a branded fleece vest and a swag bag of goodies from NCWIT in recognition for their technical contributions to projects that demonstrate a high level of innovation and potential impact.


Based reviews of Finalists' applications by a pool of national, technical reviewers, a smaller portion of Finalists are then selected as Collegiate Award Honorable Mention or Winner recipients. They receive their award notification from the Aspirations in Computing Team. In addition to the Finalist prize mentioned above, Winners and Honorable Mention recipients receive paid trip to NCWIT's Summit and a tiered monetary award. Winners and HMs are recognized and honored for their outstanding technical achievements and contributions at Summit.


If there is a Collegiate Award Finalists in you Affiliate region, the Aspirations in Computing team will notify you and ask that you and ask that you recognize them as a Collegiate Award Finalists at your Affiliate Event.



Applications Open: September 1

Applications Close: October 15



Collegiate Winners at Summit


As a regional affiliate, making contact with college women directly may be difficult. You can work with the Academic Alliance member institutions in your region and remind them to encourage their students to apply. On the NCWIT web site there is an alphabetical list of all member institutions - There is also a dynamic map that can be very useful in determining if the institution is located in your region -


Working with student chapters at academic institutions is another option for promoting the collegiate award. Examples of student chapters are:

·        ACM-W

·        SWE

·        Regional Celebrations of Women in Computing

There is generally a faculty advisor for these organizations and connecting with them is very useful since the student leadership changes annually.

If an institution is in your region and it is not in the Academic Alliance, we can refer them to the information about joining on the NCWIT web site -