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Faith Aiken is attending school at Ridgeview High School and is in the 11th grade. Aiken is currently in CAT which stands for Carolina Alliance for Technology. It is a STEM-focused program that redesigns the high school experience and creates a hands-on learning community. It is a four-year program that teaches you about core engineering. She has been a part of two competitions which includes Vex Robotics and Palmetto Regional First Robotics. Miss Aiken took part and completed The Stop the Bleed training at R2i2. Faith has been in band for five years and Marching Band for 2 years. Due to taking precautions due to COVID, Faith had to stop participating in marching band. In addition, Faith has played in Lacrosse at Ridge View High for 2 years and has been a manager for her team for 1 year. This year, her classes include Mechanical Design 1 and Clean Energy Systems 1 along with continuing to be a part of CAT, Robotics, Microburst Learning EmployAbility Soft Skills, DECA and Science National Honor Society. Miss Aiken is not sure what career field she would like to be but is considering a career in Automotive or Environmental Engineering.

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