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Amanda L.

Amanda Lattimore has a BS in Mathematics from Towson University, a MS in Instructional Technology, also from Towson, and an Admin 1 certificate from Trinity University. She taught math and computer science for 15 years in Baltimore County, Maryland. Amanda is currently the Computer Science Resource Teacher for Baltimore County Public Schools. She has worked hard to increase enrollment in all CS courses, especially among females and minorities. Amanda has taught the AP Computer Science A course for 12 years and is also a reader and leader for College Board. She is both a mentor for College Board and a facilitator for for the AP CS Principles course. Amanda hopes to continue to foster the growth of computer science among high school and middle school students by working with their teachers, department chairs, and guidance counselors. She is a columnist for Inroads magazine. She has worked with AP Advocates to help increase access and equity with AP exams and presented the Governor with an AP Policy Maker Award. In 2015, Amanda spoke at a TEDx event to encourage everyone to take at least one programming class in high school. Amanda hopes to continue to inspire students to explore computer science for many years to come.

Awards Received

  • 2016 Maryland AffiliateEducator Award Winner
  • 2022 NationalEducator Award Winner
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