Where Are They Now

  • Award: 
    2015 National Award for AiC Honorable Mention
    Software Engineering
    University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign
    Champaign, Illinois

    As a high school student, 2015 National Award for AiC Honorable Mention Ananya Cleetus participated avidly in robotics competitions, presenting her invention of a prosthetic hand for leprosy victims at the 2014 World Maker Faire. These days, though, she’s exploring ways to use technology to foster inner well-being.

  • Award: 
    2014 National Award for AiC Honorable Mention, 2014 Central Florida Affiliate Award for AiC Honorable Mention
    Satellite Mission Analyst
    Harris Corporation
    Central Florida

    After she received a National Award for AiC Honorable Mention in 2014, Caeley went on to study Aerospace Engineering at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and today, she works as a Mission Analyst for Harris Corporation, where she loves her role designing satellite missions and optimizing spacecraft subsystems. (Learn more about how Caeley discovered her path in this Wogrammer post.)

  • Mechanical Engineering
    Florida International University Honors College
    Miami, Florida

    Patricia Garcia’s mom has been one of her biggest inspirations. As she watched her mother struggle with a health condition that eluded diagnosis, she developed an interest in medical technology. “The only logical answer for my [never-ending] questions,” she reflects, was “the application of engineering principles and design concepts.”

  • Award: 
    2011 Illinois Affiliate Award for AiC Honorable Mention
    Computer Science Faculty and Consultant
    University of Rhode Island and CS4RI
    Providence, Rhode Island

    For Victoria Chávez, programming has always been a tool for helping others and addressing social problems. At her first hackathon, inspired by her family’s experiences, she created “SNAPy,” an app that could tell users which stores in their area would accept food stamps.