UHD Scholars Academy STEM Scholarship

Available September 11, 2019 thru December 31, 2021

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The University of Houston-Downtown (UHD), the Scholars Academy (SA), an academic unit within the College of Sciences and Technology, and Executive Director of the SA program is pleased to offer qualifying STEM majors attending UHD a $1500 -$3000 renewable tuition scholarship to UHD and the Scholars Academy. To be eligible for and to receive this scholarship the following qualifications must be fully and completely met: Be admitted to UHD with a minimal 3.0 grade point average and an SAT of 1,040 (with minimal 500 math/500 verbal designations), Apply and be accepted to the SA program prior to receiving the scholarship, Maintain a full, 12-hour course load as an SA member and UHD undergraduate, Major in a STEM degree offered by UHD, Meet all other requirement activities associated with SA membership including, but not limited to: participation in faculty/peer mentor group activities, attend one field trip and 4 scholarly seminars per semester as sponsored by the SA, participation in mandatory bi-annual events entitled SA Orientations, Graduate School and Internship Fair, Student Research Conference, and SA Awards Program Enroll in the SA Freshman Seminar course section during the first semester at UHD/SA, and Maintain a 3.0 and good standing in the SA for renewal of the year one award (this is tabulated each semester and awarded by semester based on good standing). Present this letter to the SA Program Coordinator at the time of your enrollment to begin the necessary process for this financial aid to be awarded to your UHD financial aid package.

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