Tech Resilience Program

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Available January 10 thru January 31, 2022

I am excited to share an opportunity for you to participate in the Microsoft Tech Resilience program this Spring. 

Microsoft Tech Resilience is a 6-week mentorship program that pairs beginning computer science students with Microsoft employees to help teach the necessary non-tech skills you’ll need to be successful in school and for jobs after graduation. The program is virtual and combines small group sessions with individual meetings. There is no homework or preparation for mentoring sessions; this program is meant to support you, not add more to your workload. The first week of mentorship will be February 21. 

There are spots reserved for NCWIT students, so if you’re interested in participating in this program, please apply at 

When completing the application, answer NCWIT in the ‘How did you hear about this program?’ section.  Applications are due by January 31st.  

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