Master the Details for Your Virtual Event

Here are some key To Do’s to execute before, during and after the event.  Download the updated and detailed 2021 event checklist here.



  1. Select a platform to host your online event.
  1. Send a “Save the Date” email invitation to your awardees, educators, ViPs. Make sure it contains the login instructions and a start and end time. 
  2. Identify and confirm panelists, keynote speakers, NCWIT staff and event volunteers.
  3. Do a dress rehearsal a few days prior to the live event. Have your speaker/s logistical team join. 
  4. Supply any social media links to your participants and to your RAM that you want referenced or tagged! 


Assign Event Committee members to specific tasks during the event.

  1. Production - running the online platform (multiple people can share these responsibilities)
  • Letting guests in from waiting rooms
  • Running slides during the event
  • Running polls or sharing additional sites for interactive portions of the event (e.g. Menti or Glimpse)
  • Managing chat - posting information and links and answering questions
  • Photographer - someone to take screen shots of the attendees and guests
  1. Master of Ceremony (Emcee) 
  2. Keynote and/or Panelists


Each program should consist of these basic 4 blocks:

  1. Pre-Program notes - This is the HOW things will be done during the program block
  1. Welcome - This is the WHY the event is happening block and WHO will be involved during the event.
  2. Presentation - This is the WHAT part of the event (can include keynote, panel, award presentations)
  3. Closing - This signals to your attendees that the event is finished. 

For more details and suggested scripts, go to: 



  1. Send out an email thanking everyone for attending.
  2. Include the link to the post-event survey
  1. Post your screen capture picture on our NCWIT flickr account and on your social media feeds.
    • Aspirations Award Photos


      Password: TearShape_21!
      (if asked, say "I'll secure my account later" when asked to Verify the account)
      Create a new album in this format: the award Year + your Affiliate Name (e.g., "2021 New Jersey") for your uploads
      Your accurate Affiliate Name appears on your Dashboard, on your Trophies, under "Connect Locally", etc.