Innovator to Innovator

InnovatorApple and NCWIT present a series of personal essays and stories of innovation, as told by NCWIT Aspirations in Computing (AiC) Community members by way of conversations with Apple executives. Each edition of “Innovator to Innovator” is listed below.

Interviews cover the power of curiosity, the challenges of creating a work-life balance, personal philosophies, past experiences, and pivotal influencers, shared missions to increase the meaningful participation of women in computing, and more.



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Edition 1: Apple CEO Tim Cook Interviewed by High School Senior Rebecca Kahn

"Who knew that Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, and I would be on a first-name basis? Sure, many have seen him in high-profile interviews on television and magazines or keynote presentations, but to have the incredible opportunity of speaking with him was both exciting and scary. The process began when my computer class teacher at Porter-Gaud challenged us to interview a person of interest in technology and present what we learned."

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Edition 2: Apple VPs Cheryl Thomas and Craig Federighi Offer Advice and Inspiration to #WWDC18 Scholar Jothi Ramaswamy

"Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been intrigued by the wondrousness that is Apple. Even starting off with something as small as the iPod Shuffle, I was blown away. I remember pressing the skip button through all my songs, not necessarily because I didn’t like any of them, but because I was fascinated by the idea that I could control the songs I play on such a tiny device with just the press of a button. I’ve always wanted to learn how Apple creates the revolutionary technologies that it does."

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Edition 3: AiC Community Member Rian Walker and Apple VP Lisa Jackson Inspire Underrepresented Students to Recognize Their Valuable Perspectives

"I felt that my differences would keep me from being accepted in the community and taken seriously. As I grew older and attended college, I learned that I couldn’t have been more wrong. Professionals in STEM not only accepted me, but allowed me to speak up and pursue my passion."

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Edition 4: AiC Community Members Ashmita and Sierra and Apple VPs Hope and Priya Find Strength in Allies Who Believe in Their Valuable Technical Skills

"It’s finding those sponsors, it’s finding those mentors, it’s finding the advisors, and the people who believe in what you can do. And, it starts from you believing what you can do,” says Hope.

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Edition 5: Apple Senior Director, Women Entrepreneurs, and High School #WWDC19 Scholar Anne Li Find Solidarity in Discussing Inclusion in Tech

“To put it bluntly, technology often embodies the biases of its creators. But, by involving people of different backgrounds, we can better ensure the apps, games, and robots that we design best reflect the variety of humanity with positive impacts.”

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