High School & Educator Award

The roles and responsibilities for the Aspirations and Educator Awards are often linked together and most of the coordinator's duties for each award such as: outreach, selection of local winners/honorable mentions, notification of award recipients, and event planning are done together. This is due to the fact that only educators who have an endorsed a student's application for the Aspirations in Computing Award are eligible to apply for the NCWIT Educator Award. That's why we encourage any outreach to be done simultaneously so while you are informing educators, parents, and students about the AiC Award, it is always incredibly helpful to let them know about the NCWIT Educator Award where winners receive: two trophies (one for them, and one for their school to proudly display), $250 cash, and the ability to apply for professional development funds to help with everything from classroom supplies, to attending conferences/workshops, to attend our annual NCWIT Summit.

AiC Award Responsibilities and Roles

Outreach and Promotion

One of the biggest challenges an Affiliate faces is getting the word about the Aspirations in Computing Award and getting young women who are in 9th -12th grade to apply. This requires reaching out into your region and finding volunteers to help spread the word and encourage those in their community to apply. Everything from NCWIT Resources, to encouraging past recipients to reach out to their friends, to tapping into groups like CSTA (Computer Science Teachers Association) can all be part of the outreach strategy for your affiliate. READ MORE

Selection and Notification

You may wish to recruit volunteers from your local business and academic community to serve on a selection committee, with anywhere from two to five or more committee members. These volunteers will review the applications from your region and select the winners and runners up for your award.

The review process is well defined and one does not have to be a technical professional to review, though it is helpful. Potential reviewers can be employees of sponsoring corporations, professors, graduate and undergraduate computing/engineering students, and other professionals. Reviewers may not be: parents of applicants or teachers/school officials of applicants.

Please note that it will be up to the affiliate coordinator to distribute copies of the applications to all committee members, as some may not have full access to the coordinator portal. READ MORE

Planning your Event

Both the winners/honorable mentions of the Aspirations in Computing Award and the NCWIT Educator Award are recognized and celebrated at your local ceremony. It is strongly encouraged to allow Educator Award Recipients to speak at the award ceremony, and to encourage all educators who have endorsed an application to attend the event. Learn more about planning your event