Guide to Preparing Your Application


Congratulations!  We are SO excited you are applying for the NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing!  


The purpose of this document is to provide you with tips for the content included in the application. For help on how to use the application in the portal, take a look at the Application Step-by-Step Guide.


We will share a full PDF of the application when apps open to provide a detailed overview of the information you will be asked to provide in the application.



You can always ask us any questions you have about the application process or the application questions themselves.  We are happy to help!

  • email us:
  • call us: (970) 670-7545
  • use the "Support" button on the right side of all the web pages


Things to know and information to have handy when completing your application:

Your Profile

  • To apply, you will need to first create a user profile on

    • You will need to list your home address, phone number, and zip code

    • You will also need to create a memorable password for your account

  • The user profile will allow you to

    • log in and edit your application (including saving and coming back later)

    • check the status of the application and your required parent approval and educator endorsement


  • Whether you have immediate family members who are on Staff or a Board member of NCWIT - which disqualifies you :(


  • Working email address that you check on a regular basis!

  • Name and email address of your parent/guardian
    • Must be different from the email that you list for yourself, and should be one that is checked regularly
    • You should inform your parent or guardian that you are applying for this award
    • They will receive an email with instructions to approve your application and participation in AiC.


  • Your school’s name and county

  • First and last name, and email address of a person who can "endorse" your application.
    • Can be a Teacher, Counselor, Principal or other school official or a robotics Coach or similar non-school adult - that knows you and your work and accomplishments in computing

    • The person you list should be made aware that you are using them as a reference

    • It is also usually best to first ask their permission to use them as a reference.

    • They will receive an email with instructions to view and endorse your application after you submit your application.


Preparing Your Application

The application is divided into 7 sections.  You will need to complete all 7 sections before you can submit your application for the award.

1. Personal Information

  • This section asks for your name and address

2. Experience with Technology

  • This section is divided into 2 short answer questions (required 25-250 words, recommended 100-250 words) about your experience with technology. You may respond in essay format or in bullet-point format.

  • Read through all questions before beginning

  • The questions are:

    • Please describe what sparked your interest in computing and technology and how has that interest furthered your experience in computing and technology? 
    • Tell us what you have been doing with technology and be sure to give us specific details on your technology skills and activities. 
    • Optional: If you have examples demonstrating your efforts and experience that you would like to share with us - such as a personal website, portfolio of Tech work, or video demonstration - please provide link(s) to the content. (URLs only; no uploads permitted)

3. Future Plans

  • This section asks about your plans or ideas for after high school.

  • It is divided into two essay questions:

    • Please describe how you would like computing and technology to be a part of your career goals.

    • Please describe a problem that you would like to solve using technology and explain HOW you would solve it (this could be a social problem, a technical problem, a local problem, a world problem, etc.).

4. Activities

  • This section asks you to rate your level of involvement (none, some participation, or a lot of participation) in a list of Curricular, Co-curricular and Extracurricular activities

    • The list includes items such as computing/technology classes, clubs, or other extra-curricular programs or activities such as Girl Scouts, 4H, Big Brothers Big Sisters, etc.

5. Access to Computing/Technology

  • This section asks about your access to technology and computing at home and school

6. Additional Information

  • Whether you have English as your first language and what your parents' highest level of education is. 

7. Terms Privacy & Policy

  • This section asks you to review and acknowledge the terms & conditions for the NCWIT Aspirations award.


Additional Tips for Preparing Your Application

  • Don’t struggle; ask for help.

    • Reach out to a teacher, friend, parent, or us here at NCWIT for any questions or guidance on the application process

  • Use specific examples to illustrate your experience/points you are writing about

  • Proofread your work

    • Take a minute to check your work before submitting your application

    • You have the option to save your work and complete your application later if you are not ready or need more time to submit (before the deadline)

  • Ask someone else to proofread your work

    • Successful writers always ask for proofreading help.  Ask someone to proofread your essay question answers to check for spelling, grammar, or other typos that will distract reviewers from "hearing" you.