Wrap-Up the Annual Season

Evaluation & Surveys

To wrap up the event, do the following:

  • Upload group photo of winners along with any other event photos to the NCWIT Flickr site.  Please create an album with your affiliate name and award year.  The login for the Flickr site is YahooID: ncwitaward / Password: iA$p1re.  
  • Complete the affiliate survey. This is our mechanism for collecting data on each of the Affiliates.
  • Administer, collect and mail back to NCWIT the individual surveys completed by each attendee at the event.
  • Thank all your volunteers and sponsors.
  • Send hard or soft copies of the Event Program to the sponsors, reviewers and other supporters who were not able to attend the event.

Many Affiliates like to have a wrap-up meeting or celebration for the entire committee after the event. While not required, it is an easy way to collect everyone's feedback and impressions while fresh in your minds, and to make decisions about what to improve upon for the next round.

Event Award Recipients


Summer Outreach

Ways to engage with your affiliate recipients through the summer.

  • Leftover funds? No funds? No problem!
  • Work with sponsors and partners
  • Work within existing campus/other events
  • Invite award recipients
  • Work with targeted schools/communities
  • Partner with other organizations
  • Partner with AspireIT programs in your area
  • Possibilities are endless!

Plan a tour of a sponsor’s office and lab space to increase the recipient’s understanding of the day-to-day work that tech professionals do. Great recruitment tool for sponsors that may not be seen as tech employers.

Hour of Code content is available year round. You can partner with a local library and offer coding training to local young women. This could be a way to involve your AiC recipients to prepare them to offer this as an AspireIT program.

Reach out to new sponsors and engage them with a meet-up in your local community. Involve other members of your affiliate team and share ideas for how sponsors can be involved in the event or as reviewers.

Outreach funding opportunities can help you in the summer as well as the recruiting season. Plan to have funds left to visit the underrepresented areas in your region. Bring posters, stickers and promotional material from NCWIT.

Engaging with the Aspirations Community

There are nearly 10,000 women in the AiC Community and Affiliates like you add more to the Community every year.

Discover ways to engage with AiC Community members - Visit this page for more info.

Ask your RAM or email aiccommunity@ncwit.org with your questions and ideas regarding working with AiC Community Members in your region - we're here to help!