Wrap-Up the Annual Season

Evaluation & Surveys

To wrap up the event, do the following:

  • Upload group photo of winners along with any other event photos to the NCWIT Flickr site.  Please create an album with your affiliate name and award year.  The login for the Flickr site is Username: ncwitaward@yahoo.com and Password: Aspirations20
  • Complete the affiliate survey. This is our mechanism for collecting data on each of the Affiliates.
  • Administer, collect and mail back to NCWIT the individual surveys completed by each attendee at the event.
  • Thank all your volunteers and sponsors.
  • Send hard or soft copies of the Event Program to the sponsors, reviewers and other supporters who were not able to attend the event.

Many Affiliates like to have a wrap-up meeting or celebration for the entire committee after the event. While not required, it is an easy way to collect everyone's feedback and impressions while fresh in your minds, and to make decisions about what to improve upon for the next round.