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Posters, Promos, and Resources

Order your promotional materials to help you get started on getting the word out. Don’t forget you can always order (more) promotional items for your affiliate by going to the resource webpage!

Search for Schools

Want a comprehensive list of all the schools in your affiliate? Use the National Center for Education Statistics’ School Search to find all the public and private schools you should be reaching out to! Remember - you always have access to a complete list of the schools your affiliate has received applications from by downloading the application contact report on your dashboard.

Connect with our K-12 Alliance

K-12 Alliance projects focus on increasing the recruitment, retention, and advancement of girls in computing and technology studies and careers, and inspiring girls to become more interested and confident in computing. The alliance is comprised of both national organizations (Alliance Members) and local organizations (Associate Members).

NCWIT Resources

More than 160 NCWIT research-based resources raise awareness, increase knowledge, and build capacity for individuals and organizations to reach out to critical populations and implement systemic change. NCWIT provides resources for reform at every level — K-12, postsecondary, industry — that are attractive, easy-to-use, free, and available in both electronic and print formats. You can order AiC specific materials directly through our Resource Webpage. Please put in any materials request you need through here and you should expect materials within 1 to 2 weeks from processing your order.

Additionally, you have free access to all of our NCWIT Resources and your RAM (Regional Affiliate Manager) can place these orders for you upon your behalf.  Feel free to build your own "resource collection" or request  some of our sample resource collections we have already put together such as:

Affiliate Development

AiC Event Collection

Outreach and Promotion



Announce the award opportunity using the sample Press Release, Modify the contents and distribute through local media outlets. Be sure to indicate that you will announce the award event so they can cover it and interview girls. Also, past winners are available to be featured in pre-event media. Contact to be connected with past winners in your area.

You could also recruit a media sponsor. This could be a local paper, TV station, or other form of media. The role of the media sponsor is to promote the award prior to the event and provide media coverage of the event. A great way to ensure media coverage is to include a prominent member of the media as an emcee at your award event or on the award committee.

Social Media

Use social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, SnapChat, etc. to spread the word about the award and event. There is a Facebook page called Award for Aspirations in Computing that you can reference or send girls to. We encourage you to leverage your various social networks via social media as well as email to spread the word. You never know who might be connected to an eligible young woman.

Follow us on Twitter: @NCWITAIC and @NCWIT in order to be aware of, and retweet, our award-related messages. You can also join the various NCWIT groups on Facebook. Use the Social Media Tools document for sample Tweets and updates.


Download the Sharing Kit for Social Media and Press Release Samples