Master the Details at Your Event

After all your planning, there are (finally!) a few key To Do’s to execute on when event day arrives.

Here's a common checklist of things to remember:

  1. Sign-in sheet (including outside guests from Sponsors and the like - so you can report on attendance)

    • Have one, remember to bring it, and have it out early

  2. Name tags - not required but generally appreciated

  3. Greet and orient volunteers

  4. Greet and orient speakers, dignitaries and NCWIT attendee if applicable

    • Make sure they know the role you want them to play, where to sit, when to come up, how they can otherwise help or enjoy their time with the attendees

  5. Greet awardees and families

    • Ask for awardee names, double-check pronunciation written down for the speaker who will announce them

    • Help them integrate into the crowd of other recipients in the pre-event space

  6. Trophy and swagbag preparation

    • Unbox the individual and school trophies using the gloves provided with the trophies and display them.

    • Label swagbags with names (different award distinctions have different contents)

    • Organize trophies and swagbags in the order in which recipients will receive them (if you have more than 9 recipients)

    • Print one copy per school of the school trophy letter and distribute to students with the school trophy.

    • Create a system to ensure all applicants receive their trophy and school trophy.

  7. Don’t forget to talk about the Community, opportunities with AspireIT and next steps in your speech to awardees

  8. Pictures!

    1. At least one group photo is required

    2. Ask awardees and families to share their photos with you via social media or other e-method

  9. Collect business cards and corporate contacts to share with your RAM

  10. Surveys!!!!!

    • These are of critical importance to NCWIT​ - Link to Survey

    • Pro tip: only give out the most valuable SWAG by trading it for a completed survey from each participant!

  11. Thank your volunteers and sponsors