- a K-12 Outreach Program

NCWIT AspireIT connects high school and college women with K-12 girls interested in computing. Using a near-peer model, program Leaders from the AiC Community your Affiliate is building teach younger girls fundamentals in programming and computational thinking - in fun, creative environments that are supported by program Partners from the NCWIT membership. The relationship between the program leaders and their program partners fosters mentoring with technical professionals, increases young women’s confidence in their computing abilities, and develops valuable leadership skills.

AspireIT Builds Your Applicant Pipeline

By offering direct programming through near-peer mentorship, AspireIT can create new opportunities and welcoming spaces for girls and young women to expand their interest in computing and technology. These program participants who are 14 years and older are eligible to apply for the Aspirations in Computing Award and can be your best advocates for outreach to other potential applicants.  By encouraging past award recipients and college women to become a Program Leaders for their very own AspireIT Program, you can build a sustainable pipeline for applications in schools and communities where you have only received a handful of applications in the past.

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Connecting Program Leaders and Program Partners

Affiliate Coordinators can be crucial in both encouraging their past award recipients to become Program Leaders, but also finding those adult mentors in the community who can serve as a Program Partner.  Making these connections in your local area can mean the difference between a program missing the necessary requirements to apply and a successful foundation for an AspireIT program to succeed.

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