The 900+ NCWIT Member organizations are organized into Alliances. Affiliate Coordinators and the Affiliate Committee Members can take advantage of this organizational tool when seeking out other NCWIT members in your regional ecosystem. When you're looking for other NCWIT members to include in the benefits of your Affiliate, you can understand a member's relationship to NCWIT based on their Alliance membership - and seek out those in your region using the links on their respective pages.

Learn more about each Alliance:
Academic Alliance

The NCWIT Academic Alliance (AA) focuses on changing the local conditions that create barriers to attracting and graduating women in postsecondary computing by adopting and contributing research-based practices. The AA brings together more than 1,700 distinguished representatives from more than 500 colleges and universities nationwide.



Workforce Alliance

The NCWIT Workforce Alliance (WA) focuses on internal corporate culture change to promote more inclusive environments, build stronger technical teams, and enhance technical innovation. In addition to their membership benefits like receiving guidance in applying research-based strategies to mitigate bias in systems, such as hiring, task assignment, performance evaluation, and promotion they often also seek out opportunities for corporate volunteerism, outreach, and recruitment with NCWIT Aspirations in Computing. They may host Award events, sponsor attendees to conferences, offer internships and otherwise sponsor our AiC Community - the largest network of its kind that includes more than 9,000 high school and college women nationwide.



Entrepreneurial Alliance

The Entrepreneurial Alliance provides younger companies with the research and practices they need to create and maintain an inclusive culture, right from the start.



K-12 Alliance

The K-12 Alliance, made up of youth-serving organizations, professional educator associations, academic institutions, and businesses, leverages the reach and diversity of its members to create national outreach programs that increase the participation of girls in computing. Through its vast member network, the K-12 Alliance has the potential to reach 100% of the girls in the United States and is dedicated to creating access to authentic, inclusive computer science education for every girl, everywhere.



Affinity Alliance

The NCWIT Affinity Alliance represents a national network of change leader organizations that convene, educate, support, and mobilize advocates of NCWIT's mission to significantly increase the meaningful participation of girls and women in computing.



Social Science Advisory Board

The Social Science Advisory Board (SSAB) is an advisory group of social scientists from preeminent institutions nationwide that support NCWIT initiatives and goals through their knowledge of research and theory at the intersection of women and computing. The SSAB comprises approximately 20 Core Members (non-NCWIT staff) for whom travel support for NCWIT meetings is provided by NCWIT*, as needed. Members bring expertise from the areas of anthropology, education, evaluation, gender studies, history, policy, psychology, sociology, technology, and workforce study.See the full list of members For more information about the SSAB and its membership guidelines, view the SSAB Board Description and Membership Guidelines