YOU Can Download Bios & Pics Now

YOU Can Download Bios & Pics Now!  Here’s How...

We know you have been waiting for this and we finally have it set up - hooray! 

  1. To download bios and pics for your award recipients, please log into and click on your Coordinator dashboard.  Bios download as a text file, but you can open them in Microsoft Word to see a readable list.
  2. Click the large green button ‘ Awardee Downloads’
  3. Select the award recipients you want to download
  4. You can click ‘preview’ to see if your list of recipients is complete
  5. Click ‘Generate Exports’
  6. To get bios, under Exports for Download, click on ‘Download bio file’
  7. File will download only as text file.  Open Microsoft Word, go to ‘File - Open - Browse (browse All Files) and select your recipient document
  8. Use the document preview window to select the best format to open it in and you should see a readable list of all bios
  9. For photos, under Exports for Download, click on ‘Download profile images’

*If students have no bio or pic, email and ask them to add these to their profile on