NCWIT Digital Skills Application for Michigan

This application is for ONE of the following technical training opportunities. Learn more about these opportunities here.

Current opportunities include:

  • Online Software Engineering- Full Time or Part Time (Flatiron School)
  • Online Data Science- Full Time or Part Time (Flatiron School)
  • Java Coding Bootcamp- Full Time (Grand Circus)
  • Front End Coding Bootcamp- Full Time or After Hours (Grand Circus)
  • C#.Net Coding Bootcamp- Full Time or After Hours (Grand Circus)
  • HTML and CSS (Mobi Bootcamp Corp)
  • Javascript (Mobi Bootcamp Corp)
  • Java and SQL- Full Time or Part Time (Mobi Bootcamp Corp)
  • Advanced Java- Full Time or Park Time (Mobi Bootcamp Corp)
  • Apprenticeship (Mobi Bootcamp Corp)


Please complete the application below. Because your application will be considered final once you hit "submit," we recommend copying the questions into a separate document where you can draft your answers. Due to the competitive nature of this scholarship opportunity, we recommend that you answer all questions thoroughly and provide examples when necessary to support your response. Once you are satisfied with your answers, paste them into the application before submitting.

Please note that this is an NCWIT application. Consequently, our eligibility requirements are different than those of the provider, and applications will be reviewed by the NCWIT Regional Initiatives Team.

Candidates who have been selected for the next stage of the application process will be required to participate in a phone and/ or video interview.

Notification for all applicants will be made within 4-6 weeks of submission. Questions can be directed to the Regional Initiatives Team at

Eligibility Requirements

In order to apply for this opportunity, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Currently living or planning to relocate to Michigan
  • Seeking technical employment or advancement in a computing and/or technical career
  • Currently a member of the Aspirations in Computing Community or participating in the Michigan Digital Skills Pilot Program

Application Questions

Minimum 250 words
Up to 500 words
**Please note prior experience in computing is not a requirement for this grant**
Minimum 250 words
Up to 500 words

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