Khalia Braswell

2008 National Award for AiC Winner
Charlotte, North Carolina
INTech Foundation

2008 National Award for AiC Winner Khalia Braswell was working on her master’s degree in Information Technology with a concentration in Human Computer Interaction when she got a job offer from Apple. She moved from Charlotte, North Carolina to California to pursue a career as a UX engineer working on enterprise applications, but she remained passionate about encouraging girls from her own hometown to get involved in computing. 

In 2014, Khalia used a series of grants from NCWIT AspireIT to start a non-profit called the INTech Foundation, which offers coding camps and after school programs for 6th-12th grade girls in North and South Carolina. In particular, Khalia wanted to create opportunities for women and girls of color to explore their interest in tech. In 2018, she left her job at Apple to focus full time on running INTech and expand the organization’s programming. Khalia is currently a PhD student at Temple University studying Computer Science with a focus on Education.