You Can Encourage Younger Girls to Pursue Technology with NCWIT AspireIT

Are you an Award for Aspirations in Computing recipient looking for an opportunity to encourage more girls to pursue technology? Then, NCWIT’s newly launched AspireIT program might be what you’re looking for!


As an Aspirations in Computing alumni, NCWIT AspireIT provides you with an opportunity to share your passion for computing with a younger generation of girls. AspireIT is a technology outreach program for girls at the middle school level supported by Intel, Northrop Grumman, and Google. By partnering with an NCWIT K-12 or Academic Alliance member (to serve as a fiscal agent, mentor, or a potential in-kind supporter), you can create and lead tech-related camps, clubs, and workshops for middle school girls.

The 2013 pilot year was nothing short of amazing. NCWIT was able to grant more than $100,000 to 24 AspireIT programs, providing more than 25,000 instruction hours to more than 800 girls in 15 states! Check out the 24 AspireIT programs from 2013 here.


You have the chance to inspire others and become a role model while you grow your leadership skills, gain confidence, increase your network, and build your resume.

Here’s what some Aspirations in Computing alumni had to say about their experience as an AspireIT program leader:

“It made me feel confident in my abilities and empowered that I could pass on my passions to other girls.”

“My interest in IT went up even more. Helping the girls with some of the issues they had was amazing. They looked up to me as if I was the master of IT. I loved it.”

We are now accepting applications to fund AspireIT programs in 2014. Applications close on January 24, 2014, at 11:59 p.m. EST.


Our toolkit will help answer your questions about the structure and function of AspireIT, including the information below.

What does an AspireIT program “look like”?

Each program is:

  • based on approved computing curriculum.
  • led by an Award for Aspirations in Computing Winner or Runner-up.
  • supported by an NCWIT K-12 or Academic Alliance member.

Check out the 24 AspireIT programs from 2013 to help you brainstorm some ideas. Ask the 2013 program leaders for feedback on the Aspirations Award Winners Facebook group. (Email us at for information on how to join.) Remember, the middle school girls will be inspired by you… What are you passionate about? What tech solutions are aligned with your community’s needs?

How do I build a team?

Review this guide for help on finding a partner.

How do I apply?

1.     Read the full-length application information (RFP) in its entirety. (Page 8 of the RFP has complete application instructions.)

2.     Review and prepare a PDF version of the application.

3.     Use your prepared PDF as guidance, and submit the application online by January 24, 2014, 11:59 p.m. EST.


Email Jenni Manning, the AspireIT Interim Manager, at Or, call her at 503-754-2349.

Join the next informational conference call. Email for the day and time of the next call.

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