The Colorado Aspirations Award Experience


I wasn't quite sure what to make of it all as I timidly approached the check-in table. Dressed up, with my parents and incredible STEM mentor there to support me, I joined the flock of other girls and their families rapidly gathering. I was still in awe of being chosen as a Colorado Aspirations Affiliate winner, and I was pretty excited about the opportunities the award and the organization would open up for me. As I told the event coordinator who I was, I was immediately greeted by ample amiable smiles and words of congratulations. I was even more stunned as I was handed an armful of goodies - a bag full of exciting objects from various sponsors, and, best of all, the brand-new Google Chromebook I am using to write this blog!

Still in awe and terribly excited, I entered the dining hall and made my way to my seat. There, rapidly greeted by more congratulations and praise, I soon found other girls much like myself. After a few minutes of getting to know each other, all of the winners were escorted down the staircase to have a group photograph taken. After a few "move to the the other left" and things of that nature, we finally had an awesome photo to capture the memorable night.

While waiting on our delicious entrees to be served, each winner was invited into a room with a waiting videographer where we were asked to describe how the event made us feel, what it meant to us, and what advice we'd give to other girls in technology fields. It was a really great way to capture us at that moment and share our special night with other NCWIT and STEM girls all over the country.

Dinner was composed of delicious food and incredible motivational speakers from various sponsors and NCWIT itself. Presentations were given on a variety of technology subjects, such as the lack of women in the field, why tech is so cool, and why girls must keep working with computers. We all sat feeling very inspired, refreshed, and full of good food.

After a few more speakers, dessert was served and we had time to meet other guests and the speakers. I was able to make some amazing connections with professionals in a variety of tech fields, and have discussions at a level of intellect often sorely missing on a day-to-day basis for girls like us.

The NCWIT ceremony and program has really opened my eyes to the need for more women in technology fields. I feel proud to be part of this unique, elite group of women who are changing our society for the better. Thank you, NCWIT, and all of the sponsors for helping girls like me achieve our dreams!

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