Aspirations in Computing Award recipients raise funds for their technical projects

Aspirations in Computing is excited to announce a new partnership with PiggyBackr to help young women fund their technology projects – from raising money for a robotics team, to building a mobile application, or launching a new venture! PiggyBackr is a fundraising website that teaches youth how to raise money for their teams, schools, and projects online. The PiggyBackr website makes it easy for teams or individuals to raise money from friends, family, and business, get motivated, and have fun.

Visit PiggyBackr’s website to view and contribute to several Aspirations in Computing Award recipients and their projects, like:

  • Alexa Adams, who is developing a Google Glass app for the deaf community,

  • Abril Vela, who is organizing an encouraging environment for Chicago girls interested in IT, and

  • Melanie Llanos, who is creating a summer camp for children to learn about computing.

You can read more about the partnership and see other examples of girls' projects on Women 2.0. Good luck to all of the young women raising money!

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