The Aspirations Award - A Winner's Perspective


Hi! My name is Logan, and I was one of the 2013 award winners from the North and South Dakota Affiliate. Even though I didn't know much about the organization when I sent in my application for the award, I have already learned so much and want to share some of my knowledge with future applicants and winners. Like the online form that applicants fill out is very reasonable. Yes, it does take time, but every question is a reflection of yourself and it is worth it in the end. I was very excited when I found out I was a winner and for the events that came later.

The award event was held in Sioux Falls. After all of the winners were contacted, there was an awards ceremony held for us. It was nice because I hadn't met any of the other winners yet and we got to know each other. What I was most impressed about was how organized the entire day was. All of the winners did hands-on projects and were able to connect through fun challenges and events. We were all fed a wonderful dinner and the awards ceremony followed. It was actually a bigger event than I thought it would be, and North Dakota had several representatives who attended the day's events. All of the winners were given a very nice glass trophy as well as a bag filled with goodies.

I had a great time at the ceremony, but what I enjoyed most was learning more about NCWIT and getting to know the other award winners. All are determined and impressive girls in technology, and I'm honored to say that I'm involved in a community with them!

Aspirations Community: 
North & South Dakota

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