AiC Members in the News (September 2020)

  • “The more of us who find our confidence and our voice, the more powerful we become, and the bigger the waves we make.” // In this interview for the She is Rare STEM Stories series, AiC Community Member Caeley Looney talks frankly about some of the challenges she has overcome, and why her job really is rocket science. 

  • AiC Community Member Skyler Wharton believes that “machine learning developers have a responsibility to recognize the harm that systems we build cause and the power imbalance that exists between us and the people who participate in our systems, and then work to reduce harm.” They published this article to help equip developers with the tools necessary to create more equitable systems. 

  • “Year after year, I witnessed the girls at camp grow in confidence and glow with excitement at the STEM activities we were doing.” // In this CSTA blog post, 2020 National Educator Award Winner Catherine Tabor and AiC Community Member Aya Abdelgawad talk about the impact that the Aspirations in Computing and AspireIT programs have had on their own lives and on their entire community.  

  • Connecticut AiC Affiliate Educator Award Recipient Christopher Kerr’s goal is to help his students become “mindful young adults who will choose love over hate and happiness above all else.” In this article, learn how he started a peer mentoring program that led to a dramatic increase in the number of womxn students in his computing classes.

September Shoutouts

When high school and college womxn get recognized for their achievements in STEM, it can help younger students envision themselves following a similar path. That’s just one reason why we love seeing AiC Community members in the news! This month, we saw  Annabelle Klosterman, Loreen Tumeh, Kavi Dolasia, five students from the Sandy, Utah area and four students from Riverton, Utah making headlines in their local news.

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