AiC Members - In The News! (September 2017)

  • If you are still trying to get into the groove of a new school year, AiC Community Member Liz Petrov is here to help. Her app, Class Reveal, lets you enter your class schedule, see your classmates, and share your social media handles. Thanks, Liz, for helping to make the school year less stressful! Check out the app here:
  • AiC Community Member Alexandra Marlette uses mentoring to conquer imposter syndrome #iAspire // “Many awful things happened my junior year of high school that made me seriously question going into computer science. Senior year, I quit all the technology clubs at my school and really tried to pull myself together looking for the confidence and passion I had held for programming. I rediscovered these things by teaching two groups of middle school girls (one group with NCWIT AspireIt and one with the Girl Scouts). I'm now a second-year in college, and if I told you I didn't struggle still with imposter syndrome, I would be lying. However, being in college and bonding with the other women on my campus (we have like 10% women-identifying population), being active in [the Aspirations in Computing community], and also now mentoring young women who are freshman STEM majors, has helped me make progress. The Dear World project came to my school asking for stories, and this is the one I chose. A mantra I hope to keep, and maybe a mantra for those still feeling lost in college regardless of major: YOU ARE TALENTED. NOT AN IMPOSTER.”
  • As part of our #iAspire campaign, AiC Community Member Briana Berger is sharing stories of AiC Community members from the past, present, and future! In today’s video, she takes a look back with past Winner and Stanford Student Shreya Shankar. Watch here.
  • Read AiC Community Member Annie Ostojic's #iAspire story: “I'm a candidate for 2018 Forbes #30Under30 cohort for my energy innovations. As an NCWIT leader and supporter of women in technology, I thought that you would be happy to know that my work was based upon my design application computer skills using Autodesk Inventor and Maya in addition to coding skills with C++. It is so rewarding to know that my new-found computer skills are launching me to new heights! I know that it is difficult to get selected out of a pool of 15,000 Forbes candidates, especially as a 15-year-old, but I am crossing my fingers, and I am honored to have made it to the candidate pool. I know that I could not have created these innovations nor achieved Forbes candidacy without my computer technology skills.” // Keep innovating, Annie!
  • Roadtrip Nation’s “A Balanced Equation" premiered this month! Watch the journey of three aspiring #womeninSTEM, including two of our very own AiC Community members: Regina Lin and Elicia Dennis. "A Balanced Equation
  • “I was blessed to be awarded a grant to start an AspireIT program. This meant a lot to me because I was troubled by the lack of gender diversity in technology classes. Most of the technology classes in my school had no more than three girls. I sought an explanation for this and realized that girls are not exposed to technology like guys are, and the fear of the unknown, especially with the pressure of getting a good grade, keeps them from taking technology classes. I hope my program addresses this issue by introducing girls to computing in a friendly environment and showing them that they have the ability to succeed in this field as I had learned months earlier.” ~ AiC Community Member and #AspireIT Team Leader Lydia F. Read the entire article.
  • We spy with our little eye, AiC Community Member Cassidy Williams and her love for computer science highlighted in this video from NCWIT Academic Alliance Member Iowa State University. 
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