AiC Members - In the News (October 2019)

  • AiC Community Member Alexis Bunnell was named one of twenty-five recipients of the Target Women in Science and Technology EPIC Awards, which recognize high school students for their dedication to science, technology, engineering, and math; and for demonstrating engagement, passion, innovation, and curiosity within these fields. Get the details here.

  • “Having one foot in both art and tech makes me stronger in both worlds. Some people would see it as being uncertain of what I want, but it’s the thing that makes me unique and powerful.” // Meet #NCWITAiC Community Member Swetha Prabakaran in this @Wogrammer profile:

  • AiC Community Members Madelyn Tavarez, Erin Mitchell, Caroline Choi, and Daniela Markazi have a lot of wisdom to share when it comes to embracing your personal voice and presenting your ideas to the world. This Wogrammer feature highlights their diverse experiences.

  • "I've had my fair share of boundaries and stigmas that I had to actively break. And I couldn't have done it without the support of my all-girl team.” // AiC Community Member Shreya Nallapati, in her keynote at the American Heart Association's "Bring STEM To Life" event, discussed the technology she is developing to detect signs of potential mass shootings and stop them before they can occur. Learn more here

  • “We really wanted to make this app a real thing that users can use and get some amount of help from.” // AiC Community Member Anjali Donthi was part of a team of five high school women that placed third in the Minnesota Cup business startup competition. Get the full story here

  • AiC Community Member Amelia Irvin is bringing her program, “Robots on the Run,” to the Ragsdale YMCA in Jamestown, North Carolina with the help of an AspireIT grant. Get to know Amelia, and learn about her STEM journey in this feature.

  • “Too many women rely too little on their intuition because they think they don’t know enough, they think they’re not experienced or capable enough so they don’t trust themselves. I think people should value and have confidence in themselves.” // This Wogrammer profile highlights AiC Community Member Ananya Cleetus’ mental health advocacy, as well as her journey to career success.

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