AiC Members - In The News! (October 2017)

  • My own experiences have shown me the importance of encouragement and engagement. In 7th grade, my parents enrolled me in a weekly Java camp, the first of many programs. On the first day I expected to make many new friends; however, when I entered the room I realized I was the only girl. As a 13-year-old, I was nervous and initially wanted to leave, but my mom insisted that I at least try the class. An hour later, I instantly knew that I wanted to pursue a career in technology and became committed to encouraging other girls to join STEM.” // AiC Community Member Saumya Rawat shared what drives her to help encourage the next generation of women in tech. #iAspire Read it here.
  • “Now I’m hoping I can be a role model for other minority students and for my younger siblings.” // See what AiC Community Member and brand new University of Wisconsin Badger Rosee Xiong is up to! #iAspire
  • "Christina always had a passion for computing. But growing up, she assumed you needed a Stanford degree to make a career out of it, and didn’t think that option was available to someone from a working-class family like hers. A community college showed her that wasn’t the case. " Read more about AiC Community Member Christina Emerson and many other inspiring stories in Melinda Gates' #ThroughHerEyes campaign. #iAspire
  • Did you know that 2017 National AiC Winner Jennifer Martinez was the only female to pass the AP computer science exam at her school? She then went on to introduce more than 400 students to computing. Jennifer is a proud, first-generation Latina who was accepted to her dream school, Columbia, as an engineering major, making her the first person in her family to attend a 4-year college. Read on to learn more.
  • AiC Community Members Caitlin S., Sofia O., Areeta W., and Malavika V. are among 10 Girlboss Women in Tech with some inspiring advice for you! #iAspire
  • “You are connected with people who are ambitious and doing amazing research. It opens doors." // We're reminiscing about #GHC17 through AiC Community Member Blakeley Hoffman who shared her thoughts on attending GHC in 2016.
  • “It's given me the confidence of knowing that there are people who care about issues such as water quality analysis, and that there is genuine interest in developing enterprise software for developing nations." // Congratulations to AiC Community Member Sharon Lin on winning the annual #BuiltByGirls startup challenge! Her app helps impoverished communities around the world more cheaply and easily find out whether their water supplies are contaminated with harmful bacteria. Way to go, Sharon! #iAspire
  • “I noticed that a lot of my peers didn’t really enjoy STEM as much as I did. They were like, “Why do you like science? That’s such a boring subject.” I wanted to make them feel the same way that I do, or at least show them what I have seen. So I decided to bring my experiences from when I was a child to children who don’t necessarily have the same exposure.” Get inspired by AiC Community Member and Girl Scouts 2017 National Young Women of Distinction recipient, Sharleen Loh. #GIRL2017 #iAspire
  • “I’ve always been really into fashion. I’ve always worn big bows, sequins, and big tutus with all my friends. And I’ve always learned, from a young age, that fashion can really bring a group together. What I also noticed is that I was always really into STEM, but my girlfriends weren’t really into it as well. So what I decided to do was to combine the two [fashion and STEM] as a way to close the gender gap in STEM.” // Get to know AiC Community Member and Girl Scouts 2017 National Young Women of Distinction Recipient Maureen (Reeny) Botros. #GIRL2017 #iAspire.
  • AiC Community Member Rian Walker shared her #iAspire story with Forbes: “All of a sudden I was part of this community where there were thousands of girls who were into computer science and programming, who knew what I was talking, about and who I could relate to.” // We’re so proud of all you’ve done and seeing what the future has in store for you, Rian! #GHC17 #NCWITatGHC Read the entire Forbes article here.
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