AiC Members - In the News (November 2019)

  • “We all need to roll up our sleeves and do something to achieve equity in the workplace. In order to do that, you have to hitch your wagon to the right strategies.” // The Minnesota Aspirations in Computing Community and its coordinator, Russell Fraenkel, were profiled in this TECHdotMN article.

  • “I get to work with people every day to make things better.” // In this Iowa State University profile, Engineer and AiC Community Member Erin Mitchell talks about why she’s so passionate about making sure younger girls have role models in the tech world, from serving as CFO of Reinvented Magazine to dressing up for elementary school kids at the STEM Princess Ball. 

  • “If we just show middle schoolers what coding is all about and give them a little push, more would be interested.” // AiC Community Member Nicole Chen is passionate about helping other students discover the joy of coding. Learn about her numerous initiatives in this profile.

  • AiC Community Member Joy Buolamwini is one of four women profiled in this feature on Black women technologists who are working to uncover and correct the biases built into the algorithms that impact our daily lives.

  • “I am very grateful to be a part of such a diverse and accomplished group of women in technology, and I look forward to continuing to encourage other women and minorities to pursue careers in computer science.” // This article features Jada Chang and Arianne Ghislaine Rull, two of the high school students who were honored this month with the first-ever Canadian Award for AiC!

  • “I am proud to say that our work in this space has seen an increased movement in the number of women and minorities entering the tech workforce. However, my job is far from done…” // AiC Las Vegas Affiliate Coordinator Snehal Bhakta was honored with the VEGAS INC Top Tech Awards Lifetime Achievement Award. Find all the details in this article.

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