AiC Members - In the News (November 2018)

  • AiC Community Member Yarely Chino was spotted teaming up with friends to offer affordable programming classes for women in Salinas & Monterey, California through the non-profit Girl Develop It. Read about their initiative here!

  • In this video feature by News Center Maine, AiC Community Members Gloria Kelley and Beleicia Bullock talk about how the AiC program is helping combat the gender stereotypes and other pressures that can discourage women from pursuing careers in computing. As University of Maine Computer Science Professor Penny Rheingans explains, when you understand technology, “You can take that, you can own it, and you can change the world with it, and that’s really powerful.”

  • AiC Community Members Manya Trehan and Mia Schutz got this shout-out for their many accomplishments, including being recognized as Award for AiC recipients.

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