AiC Members - In The News! (November 2017)

  • "I couldn't be more grateful to Marvel, Dolby Studios, the American Association of the Advancement of Science, and Synchrony Bank for giving me and the other finalists such an incredibly unique and memorable experience. We all learned so much about how to be proficient in and dedicated to our work in STEM." // AiC Community Member Jill Eddy was one of five finalists for Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok' Superpower of STEM Contest! She was flown out to Los Angeles for a red carpet screening of the film and a behind-the-scenes look at Walt Disney Studios. Way to go! Read more.
  • Holy cow! So many of our AiC Community Members are listed as 2018 Coca-Cola Scholar Semifinalists, we almost lost count. We're extending huge congratulations to Omika Suryawanshi, Briana Berger, Ottilie Cooper-Ohm, Hannah Cole, Sophia Wang, Saumya Rawat, Pamela Petterchak, Julia Singer, Moya Ly, Martha Yin, and Afe Addeh. Way to rock it! Read more!
  • For her 2016 Congressional App Challenge winning app, AiC Community Member Jasmine Steele created “ALLERGY BLAST” to help protect people with dangerous allergies. And now, her local paper is hailing her a Tri-Valley Hero! Find out more about the app that hundreds of users have downloaded and its inspiring creator.
  • “I was getting frustrated. I drew a face on my palm and held it up to the camera, and it detected the face on my palm. I was like ‘Oh this is ridiculous.’ Just being goofy, I put the white mask on to see what would happen, and lo and behold, it detected the white mask.” // Collegiate Award Winner Joy Buolamwini talked with PBS about how she got started busting biases found in AI.
  • With patents pending, AiC Community Member Annie Ostojic is listed as one of Forbes 2018 #30Under30: Energy! We are incredibly proud to have Annie as part of the community.
  • Is that AiC Community Member Amy Chen we see chatting it up with SheNomads about her love for containers, Kubernetes, Go, and software infrastructure? Yep! Watch it now:
  • NCWITAiC Program Director Edie Cheng recently moderated a #WCET17panel of AiC Community Members, including Caroline Creidenberg, Amelia Coomber, and Hannah Apuan. Since winning their Awards for AiC, Caroline has her own startup wedding tech company; Amelia is a senior graduating with CS and Math in the Spring; and Hannah is working as a Software Engineer at SendGrid... Impressive! Grab a cup of coffee, and listen as they share their #iAspire stories:
  • “Young women should apply for the Aspirations award because it is a great opportunity to gain networking experience, and it’s definitely an amazing opportunity to learn about different types of careers available through the STEM field. I was really inspired by all the successful women thriving in their careers within the IT field, and it definitely encouraged me to keep pushing myself to be the best I can be.” // How else has winning an NCWIT Affiliate Award for AiC helped to change AiC Community Member Maria Sanchez Lopez’s life? Read her #iAspire story.
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