AiC Members - In The News! (November #2)


AiC Community Member Alexandra Marlette is sharing some tips about how to market to Generation Z:

"I learned how to make a video game, and I got hooked. I then got involved with robotics, started making games, and eventually moved into virtual reality." // AiC Community Member Gemma Busoni recently shared how she got started in VR and how she is now working to help bridge the gap between men and women's different VR experiences:

"Always ask for help; the worst anyone can say is no. Reach out for mentorship, guidance, help learning to build something — the VR community is awesome, and in order to ensure that VR really hits it big this time, we need to work together." // AiC Community Member Gemma Busoni is featured here as one of three Latinas leading the charge for virtual and augmented reality:
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