AiC Members - In The News! (November #1)


Congratulations to AiC Community Member Lucie le Blanc who was recently awarded the "Women In Tech Award" by the Westchester County Association, which celebrates the leadership, creativity, and innovation of women in science and technology. Congrats, Lucie! 

“I think the general perspective of computer scientists is that they’re sort of isolated individuals who are somewhat antisocial…and usually work on problems by themselves,” AiC Community Member Sharon Lin told Fusion. “And, I certainly understand that that stereotype [has] been perpetrated by the media for so many years, but I think it’s one of the stereotypes that also drives computer science to become such a widely misunderstood field.” 

Meet the girls of "Tech Crew!" This group is led by AiC Educator Recipient Andrea Chaves in The Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria (TYWLS), and is made up of filmmakers, graphic designers, coders, website designers, and project managers. 

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