AiC Members In the News (May 2021)

  • “[I]t’s the ups and downs that make (coding) so much fun… and it gives me a place to solve problems and use creative ideas to come up with a solution.” // AiC Community Member Arianna Martinelli shares what inspired her to explore technology, as well as some memorable experiences along the way, in this profile.

  • “You have to hold yourself accountable, and only those who hold themselves accountable will succeed.” // In this article, AiC Community Member Pamela Galindo reflects on lessons learned from navigating the unusual circumstances of attending high school during a pandemic, and how some of those skills helped her become valedictorian of her graduating class. 

  • As part of her Girl Scouts Gold Award project, AiC Community Member Maleah Brady designed a coding workshop with support from AspireIT. Students in the class made microbit name tags, light-up bookmarks,3D models of haunted houses, and more. Get the story in this article.

  • “Hands-on really crucial for me because I learn best when I’m doing things, instead of just reading them out of a textbook.” // AiC Community Member Sarah Schackel shares about her tech journey and how she’s preparing for a career in cybersecurity in this video profile

May Shoutouts

We were excited to spot these AiC Community Members receiving recognition in their local news outlets this month: Rhea Rasquinha; Pam McClendon; Amber McGee; Elizabeth Moon; Danielle J. Fonsing; Camryn Ihrke; Tracy Nguyen; Sirihaasa Nallamothu; Pam McClendon; Grace Hur; May He, Madalyn Nguyen, Rosamaria Flores, and Isabel Vargas; Ayushe Nagpal, Mina Ryumae, and Jillian Maher; Nitya Ayyagari, Hiya Shah, Suhani Singhal, and Deanna Wood; and 44 students from across Mississippi.

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