AiC Members - In the News (May 2019)

  • “Her class is not a place where students sit quietly pecking away at keyboards, but rather a place where kids innovate, think, and explore.” // 2019 Arkansas Affiliate AiC Educator Award Recipient Karma Turner was named the first-ever Arkansas Computer Science Educator of the Year. Read all about it here. Congratulations, Karma!

  • What’s it like to attend an #NCWITAiC Affiliate Awards celebration? Get a glimpse at the recent New Hampshire event in this feature:

  • “Computer science is changing how we solve problems. However, without the lived experiences of female voices in the field, and especially those of women of color, we are missing out on opportunities to create inclusive technology applications derived from diverse perspectives and approaches.” // Find out what drives AiC Educator Award Recipient Mehreen Butt in this profile.

  • AiC Community Member Annie Ostojic will represent the field of Science on the Indiana Governor’s STEM Team, along with three other high school students. Get the scoop here and here.

  • “My strength in math and childhood hobby of playing computer games instigated my curiosity in coding. However, I did not actively pursue learning computer programming until my teenage years due to my fear of failure.” // In an award-winning essay, AiC Community Member Bethany Hsiao explored the systemic barriers to women’s participation in computing - and what’s needed to overcome them. Learn more here.

  • AiC Community Member Autumn Routt was one of 38 students to be named a Jefferson Scholar, an award that comes with a full scholarship to the University of Virginia, along with numerous other enrichment opportunities. This story has the details.

May Shoutouts

When high school and college women get recognized for their achievements in STEM, it can help younger girls envision themselves following a similar path. That’s just one reason why we love seeing AiC Community members in the news! This month, we spotted these members making headlines across the nation: Ella Onishuk and Joy Patterson; Isha Ponugoti; Sanja Kirova; three community members from Twin Lakes, Indiana; and three community members from Webster, New York.

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