AiC Members - In The News! (May 2017)

  • “This is such an impressive group of young women, and we are honored to be recognizing their achievements,” said Emily Kerr, STEM Discovery Lab Coordinator at UNH Manchester, on this year's AiC Affiliate Award Winners from Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Read more.
  • "I realized that because of her background in STEM, my mom was able to support my family. I wanted to give other women this ability to support themselves and be independent, so I started my non-profit organization ThinkSTEAM to provide technology workshops for girls to teach them about STEM. By exposing girls to STEM at a younger age, I hope to impart knowledge in them to ignite their interest to pursue a career in STEM in the future." // Just in time for Mother's Day, learn more about how AiC Community Member Jothi Ramaswamy has been inspired by her Mom. Read more.
  • AiC Community Member and AspireIT Leader Claire Smith may just have the best prom dress, EVER. And she did it all with Adafruit's Flora, a few NeoPixels, and some help from other AiC Community members. Read on and prepare to be dazzled
  • Collegiate Award Winner Joy Buolamwini talked with CNN about the bias found in AI. // “When you have a more diverse group of people making AI, it becomes easier to check for some of these blind spots. Who codes matters as well as how we’re coding and ultimately why we’re coding. Are we making inclusive technology?” // Watch the entire clip here
  • Where does AiC Community Member Briana Berger find her inspiration? // “Personally, in terms of technology, Ada Lovelace, Margaret Hamilton, and Sheryl Sandberg show me that females can set their mind to whatever they want, despite societal expectations. Then, I’m extremely inspired by girls that I have met through NCWIT and Stanford’s include program, as each has a focus and a desire to make a change.” Read on for more.
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