AiC Members In the News (March 2021)

  • “My teachers and things like NCWIT helped boost my confidence. I’m one of two girls in the club, but we keep our heads high. We know we are needed and valued.” // In this article, AiC Community Members Diya Nair and Alexandra Marlette talk about the structural challenges they faced in pursuing computing interests – and the support that helped them keep going. 
  • “[R]ight now more than ever we need to maximize innovation and creativity and in order to do that we need everyone. We need kids, we need girls, we need everyone from every single corner of life.” // In this interview, AiC Community Member Gitanjali Rao talks about the critical importance of diversity in STEM. 

  • “As I began building bigger and bigger projects, I was so amazed at how something as simple as basically broken English on your computer screen can create something that’s really complex. It can calculate complex mathematical equations, it can display graphics, it can do all sorts of things.” // AiC Community Member Maxine Hsu wants to let girls know that coding can open a world of possibilities. 

March Shoutouts

Although this school year has been unusual, one thing that hasn’t changed is AiC Community members’ commitment to pursuing their dreams. We spotted these students and educators getting recognized for their accomplishments: Kate Moran; Adrienne Flowers; Maria Pena Chavez; Angelique Taylor and Nicole Meister; Jenny Stinehour; Shubh Goyal; E. Anne Gunn; Anna Tetreault; Camryn Grabeal; Michelle Cannon; Tejaswini Ravula and Jason Canfield; Yabesra Ewnetu; Uma Purani; Cecilia Schmitz; three students from Bowling Green, Kentucky; nine students from Mountain Brook, Alabama; and four students from Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.

Aspirations Community: 
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