AiC Members - In the News (March 2019)

  • Congratulations to two AiC Community members, Isha Puri and Eshika Saxena, who are among the winners of this year’s Cutler-Bell Prize! This award, sponsored by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA), promotes the field of computer science and empowers students to pursue computing challenges beyond the traditional classroom environment. Read about their outstanding achievements here.

  • In the 2019 Alabama State of the State address, Governor Kay Ivey recognized AiC Community Member Arrington Harper for her achievements in Computer Science and her advocacy work to advance the goal of greater inclusivity in the field of computing. This video clip captures the governor’s introduction as well as the standing ovation Arrington received.

  • Congratulations also to AiC Community Member Preeti Pidatala, one of three winners of the PolyMet Mining For Excellence scholarship! Learn more about this award, which is designed to support young people entering STEM fields, here.

  • AiC Community Member Ambica Ramchandra started her AspireIT program, Smart Code of Life, to help younger students discover the fascinating connections between coding, neuroscience, computer science, and entrepreneurship. Learn more in this feature!

  • “The only logical answer for my [never-ending] questions [was] the application of engineering principles and design concepts.” // See what inspired AiC Community Member Patricia Garcia to become a bioengineering researcher in this profile.

March Shout Outs

Visibility is vital when it comes to inspiring women and girls to pursue their passions for technology and computing, and we’re excited to see many AiC Community members making a splash in local news outlets. Spotted this month: Sarah Abdallah; Rhea Sinha; Abigail Smith; two community members from Muscle Shoals, Alabama; five community members from Mountain Brook, Alabama; seven community members from Guam; seven community members from Edina, Minnesota; 26 community members from across Arkansas; and 43 community members from across New Hampshire. Congratulations to everyone for their great work!

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