AiC Members in the News (June 2020)


“Learning how to tell fact from fiction is very important since so many students get their news from social media and the internet.” // In this article, learn what inspired AiC Community Member Alexandra (Allie) Salzman to help girls learn to identify fake pandemic news. 

“We are focusing on the tougher social problems of the world and addressing them with technology.” // In this InStyle article, AiC Community Members Sofia Ongele and Ari Sokolov share how they’re using code to connect people with important resources for mental health and sexual assault recovery, and how Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) has helped them to achieve their goals.

“I wanted to see what it was like to give it my all.” // In this CLTure profile, AiC Community Member Khalia Braswell reflects on the experiences that led her to establish her nonprofit organization, INTech, which hosts technology programs for girls from underserved communities in North Carolina.

“I remember thinking that being a dancer or an astrophysicist were two separate options; I never thought that I could be both.” // In this interview, AiC Community Member Anshita Saini shares how she discovered the elements of creativity that unite her passions for STEM and the arts. 

AiC Community Member Afiya Ward talks about the experience of shifting the Minnesota Affiliate awards event to an online forum, and why she wants to encourage people to think about technology differently, in this Fox 9 Morning Buzz interview.


Though many traditional summertime activities are on pause this year, AiC Community members are still finding ways to stay engaged in their tech interests. Local news outlets are talking about their accomplishments, too. We noticed Phoebe Werner; Sahana Vandayar; Isabelle Blazey; two students from Merrill, Wisconsin; three students from Falls Church, Virginia; four students from Ardmore, Pennsylvania; three students from Portsmouth, New Hampshire; four students from Parma, Ohio; and eight students from West Hartford, Connecticut. Bonus shoutout: AiC Community Member Joy Buolamwini was spotted adding her insights in this episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver!

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